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Helping practitioners simplify functional medicine patient education

We provide the tools you need to translate complex health information into easy-to-understand guidance so you can collaborate with your patients on achieving their health goals.

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Save time and boost patient engagement, compliance and retention

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Optimize your time

with conversation tools that streamline patient interactions by simplifying complex health information.

Enhance patient engagement

with eye-catching digital and print tools that reinforce vital lifestyle and nutritional information.

Improve patient compliance

by empowering them with the resources needed to follow your treatment plans.

Boost patient retention

by helping them understand the importance of comprehensive functional medicine guidance for achieving long-term health.

Transform your practice with comprehensive patient education tools

Practitioners often possess extensive knowledge, but the challenge is translating your expertise into patient-friendly language that empowers patients to take action on lifestyle changes. LMRC provides the tools you need to communicate efficiently and effectively with your patients.

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When you become an LMRC member, you gain access to a wealth of professionally designed functional medicine education tools and one-on-one coaching calls with our Practice Consultants. An LMRC membership offers the best value on our content, plus discounted print resources, monthly webinar events and regular content updates.

Patient education resources

Members can access an entire library of professionally developed patient education tools.

Physician and staff education resources

Physician and staff education resources, including mini courses, case studies and member-exclusive virtual events, are created in collaboration with LMRC Clinical Experts.

Content to promote your practice

Our expert clinical and marketing teams develop customizable promotional content to elevate your practice, engage your patients and save you valuable time.

Practice consulting and coaching

Our Practice Consultants have worked with thousands of practitioners and will guide you through using LMRC tools effectively in your practice.

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Health care professionals are invited to attend a free info session led by our Practice Consultants, where you can learn more about how an LMRC membership can help you streamline patient education and achieve your practice goals.

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