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We're here to serve you throughout your functional medicine journey. Our membership options are designed to meet your unique practice needs.

Become a Functional Medicine Expert

When you're starting out on your clinical journey, you need support and guidance. We offer mini courses on functional medicine topics, case studies, protocols, in-practice guides and reference textbooks that will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to transform your practice.

Take Your Practice to the
Next Level

Ready to level-up your practice? We have the tools you need, like digital marketing assets, patient education resources, and group visit packages, to expand your clinical influence and scale your practice.

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We deliver clinical programs and practice management solutions to support clinicians in their pursuit of practicing lifestyle-based therapies.

Lacey Lahey
 “All the marketing materials included in the program allow you to immediately start honing your skills. It’s a ‘plug-and-play’ format so there is no extra time spent creating content.”
Dr. Matthew Willis
“I've used LMRC educational materials to explain the root-cause perspective and how the functional medicine approach works to heal the body. This has supported the sale of care plans in my office and gives patients an easy understanding of what we will be working on.”
Dr. Alyaz Somji
"The WellMatrix Program gives me a foundation to provide longevity therapies to patients, at a level that’s very easy for them to understand. It breaks down complex topics into bite-size information that allows patients to be held accountable and actionable for their own health. With this program, you have evidence-based data to support your claims.”
Dr. Sarah Williams 
“I have been using LMRC content for years. One of my favorite resources are the Presentation Pads. These resources make complex topics more accessible for patients, and give them the information they need to make better lifestyle decisions.”
Kelly Glynn 
“The customer support and guidance from the practice implementation team at Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center has been fantastic. The onboarding program and calls with the implementation team have helped me start, launch and market my cardiometabolic program. From done-for-you marketing assets and patient education tools to the Standard Road Map Series and In-Practice Guide, I now have the confidence, tools, resources and organization for a very successful business model.” 
Dr. Syed Azam
“The educational resources from LMRC have made my patient conversations so much more effective. I am seeing more patient engagement and success.”

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