17 Great Ideas from Simplexity Medicine: Health Care Reimagined
By Olivia Morrissey

On April 16, 2020, the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, in collaboration with Ortho Molecular Products, convened more than 4,600 healthcare practitioners to Simplexity Medicine: Health Care Reimagined. The virtual, live conference was a silver lining amid all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, an opportunity for functional medicine practitioners to connect and learn from a faculty of experts sharing their insight on the virus and its effects. Attendees also learned about ways to transition their practices to a virtual model using the Virtual Practice Pivot Program.

Here are key takeaways from the event, organized by speaker:

Jeffrey Bland, PhD

  • With 10 million people in the United States considered immunosuppressed, infectious disease becomes a perpetual challenge. It is not just the virus itself, but also the environment that either resists the virus or allows it to proliferate.
  • Immunological reserve creates resilience against a pandemic. Dr. Bland shares his reflections on this topic in this article.
  • Dr. Bland theorizes that prevention will be redefined as multicausal and approached from a personalized health perspective.
  • The gut microbiome influences the lung microbiome. Diet and gut health are critical for lung health.
  • Dr. Bland encouraged attendees, if they were able and wanted to do so, to donate to Feeding America to help serve the millions of Americans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Bland and his family are making a generous gift in addition to the $5K gift made by Ortho Molecular Products. You can give here.

Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, CLS

  • Dr. Vojdani started his presentation with a profound question: “Why do many people get exposed to COVID-19, yet some people don’t get infected, some get a mild infection, and some get a serious infection?”
  • Both the external environment, lifestyle, medications, stress and the internal gut flora, inflammation, oxidative stress impact outcomes in COVID-19 patients.
  • According to Dr. Vojdani, if there was one test everyone should have right now, it would be for secretory IgA. This test determines immunity to COVID-19 more accurately and reliably than other tests. It is an easy test to run—patients need a stool or saliva sample done at home and mailed in for testing.
  • Dr. Vojdani recommended the following for a strong immune system:

Cheng Ruan, MD

  • Dr. Ruan’s perspective is that COVID-19 was the straw that broke the camel’s back and revealed the ugly truth about global health care systems.
  • He uses telehealth to assess and monitor patients, plus stay connected with them, during COVID-19. This method has helped keep some of his patients presenting with COVID-19 symptoms out of the emergency room.
  • Complexity is the enemy of progress. Functional medicine practitioners who overcomplicate what they provide or how they stay connected with patients will lose their engagement with them.
  • Practitioners can engage with patients and continue building their communities with virtual group visits.
  • He recommends The Community Cure for practitioners interested in implementing the Group Visit Model in their practices.

James Maskell

  • Now is the time for disintermediation, the opportunity to have a real relationship between doctor and patient
  • Practitioners can build resiliency in themselves, their patients and their practices.
  • Access the Virtual Practice Pivot Program and Interactive Guide to transform your practice and patient care.

Olivia Morrissey

Olivia is a writer and communications professional in the functional medicine industry.