There has never been a better time for functional medicine.

The population of the modern world has a weight around its ankle named chronic disease, and we have been walking the pandemic plank for the better part of 2020.

As a health care practitioner with an abundance of passion and sharp clinical knowledge, you see the writing on the wall. You know your patients need a personalized functional medicine plan with a foundation of lifestyle medicine.

Knowing this and attracting actual patients to your practice are two separate things, however. Unfortunately, this hurdle often leaves many doctors at the starting line stuck in pre-contemplation.

You need a path toward success. Here are few secrets for success in functional medicine practice:

Consider Cardiometabolic Health

Through 2020, the metabolic resilience of the population has been put to the test. And needless to say, we are not doing so hot.

By now, many sources have shown that cardiometabolic comorbidities correlate with an increased risk of COVID-19 complications, and the public is paying attention. For the new functional medicine clinician, this is a considerable opportunity.

Not only is there currently attention on cardiometabolic risk, but this is an area of medicine already assessed in every single patient today. Unlike GI mapping tests or cortisol panels, all patients have their glucose, lipids and blood pressure measured and tracked.

Knowing patients can benefit from the care you have developed is only the first step, regardless of your years of schooling, training and certifications. The next step is actually attracting them to your practice.

Successful Practices Leave Clues

Through our work with hundreds of clinicians, we have identified common themes that are a part of every successful functional medicine marketing strategy.

 These practitioners:

  • Niche in a specific patient group 
  • Have an automated lead generation strategy that runs continuously
  • Use social media to market and advertise 
  • Incorporate ongoing care for exercise and dietary change
  • Implement group visits to foster community and improve patient compliance

The Power of Patient Retention

So, you have your systems in place, a customized webpage and marketing strategy setup and leads coming through—now what?

It’s all about patient retention.

We have found that the most successful practices not only have systems to capture leads and convert them into patients, but also have tools that provide the necessary contact and feedback that patients require to continue care with that provider long-term.


Patients who hear from you often (especially in the early part of care) are more likely to follow through on their care and not drop out.


Patients need to know how they are doing, and for many patients lab work doesn’t allow them to see the bigger clinical picture. Successful clinicians have a clear way to communicate the need for care and how the patient is improving over time.

Need a Hand?

If you are like many practitioners looking to begin your functional medicine journey but are unsure how to start, we are here to help!

At the LMRC, we have taken guesswork out of functional medicine implementation with our NEW Onboarding Portal, a step-by-step process that:

  •  Helps you effectively implement a niched functional medicine program into your practice
  • Gives you the tools and strategy to market the program to current and prospective clients
  • Expands your clinical knowledge so you can become the go-to expert in your community

Set up a concierge call to discuss your unique practice needs with one of our implementation specialists.

Steven Imgrund, MS, CNS Headshot

Steven Imgrund, MS, CNS

Steven Imgrund is a board-certified nutritionist. Steven developed his passion for nutrition and health working as personal trainer and health coach, specializing in weight loss and behavior change. Through working with hundreds of clients, Steven has seen the challenges with implementing long-term lifestyle and dietary habits. This experience has fueled his passion for functional medicine, and his desire to help health care practitioners use proven lifestyle and supplement strategies to safely address the root causes of their patients cardiometabolic issues. Steven received his Masters in Human Nutrition through Bridgeport University in 2018, and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) certification in 2020.